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Physiotherapist and
Occupational Therapist Jobs

in British Columbia, Canada


We Are Coming to You!

We are pleased to announce that the BC Health Careers Team is coming to the UK and Ireland visiting London, Belfast, Dublin, Manchester, and Glasgow in May 2024.

Whether you’re an occupational therapist or physiotherapist eager to build your career, expand your skills, or embrace an ambitious adventure, there could be no better place to do it than in British Columbia (BC). Our lively and interactive Pavilion and seminars will introduce you to the remarkable range of health career opportunities in BC.

Join us at the Recruitment Pavilion where you will be supported by several organizations that can assist you in securing an engaging and meaningful career in British Columbia (BC) Canada.

During the event you will be able to connect real-time with experts that can provide information and support on a variety of topics such as: credentialing and registration, employment opportunities, immigration options, and tips for a successful career transition in BC.

You can also register for our seminars that will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Welcome to BC
  • Discover British Columbia
  • What Health Match BC Can Do for You
  • Credentialing & Registration
  • Regulatory Exams
  • BC Health Authorities
  • Living in BC – Urban vs. Rural
  •  Immigration Options

We will bring a little bit of BC too, so you can discover what it’s like to live and work in communities across the spectacular province of British Columbia.

For more event details please visit

Begin a Journey of a Lifetime!

Register today to attend in a city of your choice
and receive upcoming details.






May 13th, 2024
Royal Dublin Society



Unable to attend?

Learn more about British Columbia’s new initiative for internationally educated allied health professionals and receive updates on financial, licensing, job search and immigration supports.

Who is Health Match BC?

Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of British Columbia, Canada. The Government of B.C. is strengthening the way people are cared for in Canada – providing better, more person-focused services and careers that can make a difference. The Province is working to bring together health care recruitment services under a new name, While we transition, Health Match BC will continue to offer free recruitment information, services, and support.

We have been working with BC Public Heath Employers for 25 years to facilitate recruitment at over 200 facilities across the province and have worked with thousands of Canadian and internationally educated health professionals to turn their career and travel dreams into a reality.  

As internationally educated Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, Health Match BC can help you navigate your professional registration & credentialing process by providing expert knowledge and guidance.  Our recruitment teams are familiar with every aspect of your Canadian career pathway, including financial support available to help you along the way.  The passion you bring to your career, we bring to matching you to the right opportunity; our tailored assistance ensures that your professional goals and lifestyle preferences are met.  You can feel confident as you begin your journey and embark on a health care career in BC.

Working in the BC Healthcare System

The Government of BC is strengthening the way people are cared for in Canada – providing better, more person-focused services and careers that can make a difference.  To learn more, visit

Meet the Recruitment Tour Team

Our diverse BC recruitment tour team will include representatives from BC public health employers and will be hosted by members of the Health Match BC recruitment team.


Meet Kristi,
Manager of the Allied Health Team!

Kristi has worked for Health Match BC for almost 5 years and is passionate about reducing barriers for health care professionals and enriching the health care system. The most rewarding part of her job is meeting people from all over the world; she thrives on navigating individuals through the process and helping them achieve their career goals.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Kristi loves living with the ocean and mountains right at her doorstep. When she is not at work, Kristi enjoys searching for the best vacation deals to go on adventures with her family!


Meet Chi,
A Recruitment Consultant on the Allied Health team!

Chi has been working at Health Match BC for over 6 years in different positions with different teams. Chi loves working for an organization that brings in much needed health care professionals into BC. Being an expat herself, she gets so much joy when international candidates decide to make BC their new home and she can be a part of their journey.

When not working, you can find Chi outside walking or hiking with her dog; they both enjoy the outdoors!

Additional team members to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Work and Live in British Columbia

British Columbia is moving public health care forward with some of the highest allied health wages in Canada, a provincial Allied Health Strategic Plan that recognizes the value the allied health workforce brings to patient care, a first-in-Canada Provincial Chief Allied Health Officer role, and team-based models of care. Advance your allied health career in a remarkable place where progress, nature, and community come together. 

BC has a healthcare system that values and respects Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists and has outstanding variety of job opportunities.  With healthcare facilities diverse in size and scope, you can choose to work in rural or urban areas.  With fulfilling career opportunities in strong, supportive communities and BC’s collaborative and innovative healthcare culture, you can sustain a rewarding, successful and dynamic career.

Wherever you choose to live, BC’s spectacular scenery and remarkable recreational experiences are unmatched.  Adventure awaits in every corner of the province, from hiking ancient forests, strolling endless beaches, to world-class mountain biking and skiing.  With the majestic mountains, temperate rainforests, deserts, grassy plains, and beaches, you are sure to find your lifestyle preference, and have the opportunity to be introduced to a new one.

With nature at your doorstep, enjoying a balanced lifestyle – is distinctly BC.

This site is maintained by Health Match BC, a free health professional recruitment service that is becoming part of While we complete this transition, Health Match BC programs and services will remain unchanged.